Resources about housing affordability

Joint Center for Housing Studies map of affordability across the country

Reporting on the heating up of the housing market in Las Vegas, Reno, and Nevada in general as Californians leave

Reporting on the heating up of the housing market in Fresno as folks from the Bay area are displaced

The New York Times article referenced in the episode about Californians displaced to other states and the other places experiencing their own housing crises

Reporting on average home prices in Santa Clara and San Francisco counties

Resources about rent burden

Reporting on rent burden in Los Angeles County

Reporting on how rent burden disproportionately impacts people of color

Reporting on rent burdens in the Bay Area

Joint Center for Housing Studies research on how high rent burdens make saving nearly impossible

Joint Center for Housing Studies rent burden map

Resources about housing and COVID-19 risk

Harvard Medical School’s rundown on the social factors in COVID risk

California Department of Public Health data on incidence and mortality by race/ethnicity

Harvard Medical School’s blog about housing, race/ethnicity and other factors in COVID risk

NPR report on higher incidence of COVID among Latinx communities because of essential work

Findings from the Journal of the American Medical Association on household crowding and community transmission of COVID

Research on household crowding and COVID in Boston, New York City and Los Angeles

Resources about cost of living, relative to factors like wages

Bloomberg reporting about the cost of living in California and the cost of housing

Cal Matters data on housing costs in California

Plan Bay Area’s analysis of the Bay area housing crisis

Urban Habitat’s policy brief on resegregation in the Bay area

Average rent in San Jose

Rent data in the Silicon Valley

Reporting on the six figure poverty line in the Bay area, due to housing costs

The New York Times article referenced in the episode about how long it would take Americans at various incomes levels to save one month’s worth of expenses

Census data on levels of education in the Bay Area relative to other places

This episode was written by Jennifer Myhre, Melinda Poley and Tori Truscheit. It was produced and edited by Jennifer R. Myhre, with editing assistance from Lea Li and Deven Sutaria.  The music that opens and closes each 1500 Stories episode was composed and produced by Benjamin Henderson. Additional music was composed by Ben Henderson, Michelle Ordoñez, and Tyops.  Sound effects came from Freesounds: including city sounds recorded by NachmahrTV, a man yelling and truck backing up recorded by Arne Buhmann, a car horn recorded by Synthetic-Oz, a bus leaving from a bus stop recorded by Bcatalog, a shopping cart recorded by Sonicorchestra, and a car door slamming and other street sounds recorded by Ivolipa. The 1500 Stories podcast was launched thanks to generous financial assistance from the Mellon Foundation and American Council of Learned Societies community college faculty fellowship program.  However, any views, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed here are our own and do not necessarily represent those of Mellon or ACLS.  Thanks to Melinda Poley for her ears in early stages of drafting this episode.