The 1500 Stories podcast cracks open the uncomfortable subjects of money and economic class.  If you want a peek inside the kinds of experiences people usually don’t share in casual conversation, listen to 1500 Stories. While the website features individual narratives, the podcast combines and weaves together many voices on a different theme each episode.

Season 1 launches February 11th

Listen to the trailer now for the first season of the 1500 Stories podcast. Episodes will drop on the second and fourth Thursday of the month and be found wherever you listen to podcasts. Season 1 includes a three episode mini-series about how Americans think about middle-classness and a four episode mini-series about farm work and rural life. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music/Audible, Radio Public, and coming soon to Spotify, or

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The 1500 Stories Logo with the phrase The Podcast superimposed over it, with the tag line "no matter where we fall on the economic ladder, everyone has a story"