Resources on housing prices in the Bay Area

Reporting on home prices in the Bay Area

NY Times reporting on the housing challenges for Silicon Valley teachers

Data on average rental prices in Silicon Valley

Resources on gentrification and displacement

Explainer on how Bay Area communities are at risk or already experiencing gentrification

Reporting on the rates of Oakland and San Francisco neighborhoods experiencing gentrification

Urban Habitat’s report on resegregation in the Bay Area

Research on the impacts of long commutes

Resources on the varied roots of the housing crisis

Explainer on factors contributing to the housing crisis and why 40% of California households struggle to afford the roof over their heads, including economic disincentives for using land for new housing, how most cities have not issued enough housing permits to keep up with new jobs and NIMBYism against affordable housing (such as Marin County’s exemption from the state’s housing mandates)

Reporting on factors contributing to the housing crisis, including why cities often favor commercial development over housing and how there’s been an increase in population but no increase in housing units

Resources about homelessness

Report about the unhoused population in the Bay Area

Analysis of the compounding causes of homelessness

Report on the racial demographics of homelessness

Report on the safety issues for people who are unhoused, related to violence

Discussion of the stigma of being unhoused

Organizations that provide resources and support for unhoused people in Silicon Valley

Sacred Heart Community Service

Women’s Gathering Place

On Route 22

Downtown Streets Team

Policy proposals for addressing the housing crisis

Urban Habitat’s proposals for an Economic Prosperity Strategy

How just cause eviction policies work

Reporting on San Jose’s just cause eviction policy

Reporting on the importance of increasing renter protections, including rent control and just cause eviction

Research on commercial linkage fees and other policies for addressing the housing crisis

Research on anti-displacement strategies

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